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  • Are the Beans Vegan?
    Yes, our Beans are vegan! Our Refried Beans do have canola oil in them. Our side order of Beans usually are topped with Cheese, so for our Vegan friends please specify.
  • Is the Rice Vegan?
    No, our Rice is made with Chicken Stock. (White Rice coming soon!)
  • Do you have restaurant seating?
    Yes, we have in door seating as well as our out door patio seating.
  • Does the Guacamole have Cheese in it?
    Yes, our Guacamole does have Cotjia Cheese in it.
  • Can I order Sides?
    Yes, we have a "Sides" section on our "Order Online" menu.
  • I am having a party, how can I order large Sides?
    We offer "Party Trays" of each of our Meats and toppings. Our half trays feed 30-40 people and our full trays feed 50-60 people.
  • Do you have a Gluten Free option?
    Our soft tacos (corn tortillas) are Gluten Free. We also have a Burrito Bowl that does not come in a tortilla or shell. (Gluten Free Burrito Tortillas coming soon).
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